Sunday, July 21, 2013


Salut les amis! What a perfect rainy day to begin my blog. I am currently posted up at my favorite spot in Lexington, Coffee Times Coffee House. I am fairly certain I spend more time here than I do at home. The atmosphere is great, and the aroma.. Oh. My. They roast their own coffee beans and you have never smelled anything like it. I promise. Anyway, places like this are what I am going to miss most while I am abroad. It's difficult to think about all of the people and places I won't see for a year. When I'm at home playing with my nephews, or laughing with a friend, all of the sudden I get so emotional! It's a little comical but, in all honesty I am already preparing my family for a few meltdowns over FaceTime. ;)

On another note, I leave in 6 WEEKS! For those of you who do not know, I am spending my Senior year in France. I am studying French and Accounting with a minor in international business. I have chosen to study at the Burgundy School of Business in Dijon during the fall, and then I am off to Normandy in the Spring to study at the University of Caen. All of my classes will be in French and I get the feeling my host doesn't speak a word of English. :) Living and studying in France is something I have dreamed about for a very long time. My excitement reached a new level yesterday when I got my visa in the mail!

My mom and I went to Chicago last week to meet with the French Consulate to give them approximately 409,758 documents regarding everything from my airfare information, to a bank statement.. in case you weren't aware, France won't let you live in their country unless you can prove that you have access to at least $820 per month.. Apparently it's similar in the US. Which makes me wonder, whatever happened to all those stories of people making it big after arriving here with only 20 dollars in their pocket?? Anyway, I officially have everything I need to leave the country! Here is a picture of my mom and I after going to the consulate.

Now, only the most daunting task of all remains: packing. You know that person who packs 8 pairs of pants for a weekend trip? That's me.. Now I find myself packing for a year long trip and have only enough room for 3, maybe 4 pairs of pants. I have decided to take a medium sized suitcase, a carry on, and my LongChamp. I took that much when my mom and I visited the consulate last week.. Alas. A meltdown may ensue before I even say a single goodbye. ;) 

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