Thursday, August 22, 2013

Big Lights Will Inspire You

A few days after my birthday, one of my dearest friends in the world moved to NYC. One night we were chatting on the phone and jokingly entertained the idea of a last minute trip to come see her in the Big Apple. A week later I hopped on a plane bound for LaGuardia! :) Sometimes you have to ask yourself what you're going to remember in 10 years, and a weekend with my best friend in NYC is definitely a memory I will always cherish. Here's a photo taken on the night tour we took.. Absolutely gorgeous.

The first day we walked close to 6 miles! There is just so much to see! Here are a few of my favorite moments from the trip. 

Rockefeller Center, Times Square, and we went to a Yankees game one night! That wonderful drink was from Serendipity- The Peanut Butter Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. One of the best things I've ever had. (recommended to me by my sister, thanks Chels!) What a great last memory to share with my sweet friend before I leave the country for a year! 

Mon 21ème anniv!

Bonsoir! Today marks 10 DAYS until I leave for France! 10 DAYS! 

It's been several weeks since my previous post and quite a bit has happened. To begin with, I had my 21st birthday at the end of July! (I've fallen a bit behind on my posts!) My family threw me a French themed dinner party, complete with macaroons and a bedazzled Eiffel Tower cake topper. ;) Three of my best friends came, and boy did. we. feast. Delicious french cheese (oh the cheese!), wine, and my mother's (divine) chocolate cake. Not to mention the filets I special requested from my brother-in-law. In case you were wondering how to grill a steak to perfection, just find a South African man and he will show you his ways. :) Anyway, it really was a perfect night filled with so much laughter.. Mainly at my expense- it's a tradition in my family that after the birthday dinner, everyone tells a story about the birthday boy or girl; and growing up on a farm, you are never lacking a great story. My favorite was probably the one Chelsea told: when I was little I swallowed a caterpillar and couldn't stop coughing for a solid 2 weeks. Yep, that pretty much sums up Baby Chloe.. 

My friends on the other hand, felt that I needed to have the most American birthday celebration possible. So the night before my birthday we got our cowgirl getups on and went to Riverbend to hear Blake Shelton. That was one of the most fun college memories I've had. There's nothing like country music in the summer. I never thought I'd see the day when I actually enjoyed country but, last summer it finally happened. There's something about being out on the lake. It doesn't seem right to be on the boat without "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" playing in the background. And my friend Kate flew in from South Carolina to come to the concert with us! Such a fun weekend. 

I am so blessed with my friends and family. I could not have imagined a better birthday weekend. Did I mention I leave for France in 10 DAYS! Let the countdown begin!