Friday, September 27, 2013

Le Petit Suisse

Yes. I am dedicating an entire post to a yogurt/cheese product. And yes- it is THAT important. Le Petit Suisse has changed my life.

In the US we have cheese or yogurt. Not really an in between. In France, they have many variations of "fromage blanc" which is neither a cheese nor a yogurt, but a perfect, mind-blowing combination of both. A dear friend of mine who used to live in Paris told me that I must try Le Petit Suisse. And boy was she right. Rich, creamy, pure perfection in a container. Fromage blanc is typically eaten for dessert with a little sugar sprinkled on top, but it's perfect for breakfast as well! I like having mine with fruit (raspberries or a banana, yum!) Here's how you eat "A Little Swiss."

It began like any other yogurt.

Apologies for the bad jokes. And for the awkward one-handed thing I'm doing here. It's difficult trying to demonstrate and take the pictures!

But here's where it's different!

You dump it out, and it comes out in a perfect little sphere.

Then you unwrap it..

And now it's time to indulge!

I don't know how I'm going to go back to the US without a life long supply of these! It's strange we don't have them because they're made by Dannon ('Danone' in French)..

Anyway, that's what I've been having for breakfast every morning :) And only 135 cals. Good thing too cause even if they were 1000 calories, I couldn't resist!


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  2. (I had to delete my original comment because I didn't proofread it and it made no sense!)

    William would love that! He is a cheese/sour cream/plain Greek yogurt addict. The rest of us would find it tasty too! Love reading about your adventures. The boys are curious about how tall that hill was in your last post. Was it really tall? Like 650 feet tall? (Everything is 650 around here--650 o'clock, 650 pounds, 650 windows in a skyscraper, etc.)

    What camera are you using? Or are all the DePriest ladies artists and have the uncanny ability to turn anything into something lovely? ;)

  3. yay! Je savais que tu l'aimerais!!! I can almost taste one now....and Gervais is the brand of choice for LPS!

  4. Sarah-Jo, tell the boys the hill was actually 660 feet tall! Even taller than their wildest guess ;) Glad you're enjoying! I am using a canon rebel with a 50mm 1.4 lens. I am by no means an artist! But I am really enjoying learning how to use this camera.

    Barbara, I have been getting all the different Danone yogurts. Mmm :) With a little Muesli in the morning= perfect.

  5. Yum! Nice pictures, PW always says she has "alien fingers" when holding something she's photographing. :)