Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Paris: Le premier jour

Well we've spent two days in Paris, and there is so much to tell! Before I begin, I realized I never explained that my mom and I left about 10 days before my classes begin so that we could travel a little bit. We decided to spend the first two days in Paris and then take the train to Dijon (tomorrow!!) where we will spend a week getting to know the city and the surrounding area. I told my host about this a couple of months ago and she immediately offered to meet my mom and I at the train station, and insisted that we stay with her. Until today, I had only been in correspondence with my host through email. I was able to call her this morning however, and that is a story in itself! But first, let's go back to yesterday morning.

My mom and I landed in Paris around 8am France time (2am our time!). I had my first French conversation in the cab from the airport to our hotel! It was so exciting. And slow haha. We are staying in an area of Paris we don't know very well called Saint Germain. It's on the left bank and is just gorgeous. After getting checked in, we immediately got dressed to go explore the city. We began with getting lunch at a café my mom was dying to try. It's apparently one of Ina Garten's favorite places to eat in Paris, called Café de Flore. 

It was really nice, and we got to sit outside and people watch- which is our favorite thing. But wait, enter almost-toothless sketchy waiter man. Before we left, I decided to ask our waiter for directions to a market we wanted to visit. As I was speaking he started to.. stroke my hand? And I'm pretty sure by the time I was finished talking he was actually holding my hand! Let's just say I could NOT make eye contact with my mom or I was going to burst out laughing. So he gives us directions and we thank him and as we begin to walk away he starts to speak really rapidly under his breath and goes "It was very nice to meet you I hope to see you again very soon I love you" just like that. Excuse me!?? French. MEN. That is all I'm saying. He HAD to have seen my mom and I come to a complete stop in the street to get all of our laughter out. So that was our first meal experience! And within the first 3 hours of being in France.. jet lagged out of my mind, it's too soon for that! 

We spent the rest of the early afternoon exploring the Saint Germain area. We stopped at a Foucher chocolate shop called "Chocolat" and had some delicious expresso (and chocolate, of course). Yum!

That evening we took a long walk to the Eiffel Tower. It doesn't matter how many times I stand in front of that monument, it will always shock me. Something that enormous is so hard to even fathom. All you want to do is stare! Of course we had to take an Eiffel Selfie! Elfie? Selfel? That needs a name. It's so epic!

Around 7, we were getting too tired to think but we knew we should try to stay up a little longer. We walked to the Louvre, another one of my favorites. We sat outside and ate at a café called Le Café Marly which overlooks the Louvre. It was so picturesque and the food was phenomenal. My mom got croque madame, a traditional French sandwich that has a fried egg on top. I got smoked salmon, Mmm. 

When we got back to the hotel, we went straight to sleep. I slept for a solid 10 hours that night. And it felt amazinggg. :)

Unfortunately it is entirely too late for me to be up and I don't have time to post about what we did today. Tomorrow morning, we are taking the train to Dijon where I will (finally!!) meet my host and see where I'll be living this semester! I've heard such great things about Dijon and I am so ready to call it my home. I'll work on my final post about Paris while I'm on the train to Dijon. Until then! À bientôt!

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  1. I have been replaying the weird scene with you and creepy waiter and laughing all day! So glad we finally got to talk today!