Wednesday, November 27, 2013

La Dinde

I'm sitting here curled up in a big cozy sweater, listening to Frank (his Christmas album, of course), while my new Anthropologie candle burns. It's called "fireside" and, you'll be surprised to hear that it smells like you're sitting beside a fire;) and it makes me feel just like I'm at the lake house. Which is where my family is right now. (sob*) I'm only partially serious about the sobbing. It's such a first world problem, "I'm in France on Thanksgiving." Haha Hardly something to complain about. But of course, I miss my family and the lake and Kentucky during this time of the year. Fall and winter are so wonderful in the Bluegrass. I also miss the easy accessibility we have to certain necessities this time of year.. For example, la dinde.

All of my friends here are very curious about the famous Thanksgiving feast, but more specifically about the Thanksgiving Turkey! They've all seen pictures of the big, gorgeous bird we prepare on the last Thursday of November. So of course, we decided to have a dinner where I would prepare the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. We have seriously been talking about this turkey for months! Fast forward to today. The day before Thanksgiving (we all know how good I am at doing things in advance..)

I had planned on going to the market about 10am, picking up my beautiful turkey along with the ingredients for Pioneer Woman's brine recipe, returning home and having a wonderful afternoon preparing for the big feast.

Haha. Dijon had other plans.. I spent the ENTIRE day searching every square inch of Dijon for "une dinde"- a turkey! Every answer was the same: "en novembre??!" UHM. YES in November! That's the ONLY time I need a turkey. Call me crazy! And that's exactly how they treated me, as if I was crazy for requesting a turkey in the month of November. Apparently the French only eat la dinde one time a year- and that's on Noël. (Christmas) Finally coming to the realization that there may not actually be a single turkey in the city of Dijon- and you'd be surprised at how sad that made me- I stared, bleary-eyed at my friend Aya, who reluctantly but loyally followed me around to each and every market, butcher shop, you name it- to find my Amazing Thanksgiving Turkey. I explained that it's just not Thanksgiving without a turkey. It's just not. But we had looked everywhere, and I had class this evening. A chicken it is, I decided.

When I walked into class, I was all but cheerful. I really adore this professor and we always chat before class, so when she noticed my expression, she asked what was wrong. I told her about my Turkey Problem and she said that indeed, it's pretty much impossible to find a turkey at any of the markets in France before Christmas. I just looked at her pitifully, cause that's how I felt. I just want a real Thanksgiving meal, that's ALL. I want turkey and gravy and mashed potatoes and stuffing. I'm American, I realize this. Some things will never change.

But. Wait. All of the sudden my professor looks at me and says "Chloe! Actually, I bought a frozen turkey this time last year at a shop called Picard! I can't make any promises, but that's probably your best bet." Frozen or not, I'll take it if it's a turkey! My class didn't finish until 7:45, and the typical French business closes hours before this, so I immediately sent a text to Aya explaining the news, and begging her to please please run to Picard to get my Thanksgiving Turkey! Haha Poor Aya, I can imagine her face when she got my message. But it was crucial!! Low and behold, half and hour later I get a text saying: "I bought 3" YES! YES! YES! YES! was all I could think!

My Thanksgiving turkeys may be small and frozen but, you know what? It's going to be a real Thanksgiving in Dijon.

Post about the actually dinner soon to come!

Miss everyone! And Happy Thanksgiving!


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